Listening: The Forgotten Half of Effective Communication

Communication is about FAR more than just speaking. Listening plays a major role in effective communication and is much more than just hearing. If you want to succeed in life and find fulfillment, you must learn how to communicate, and ultimately, listen effectively.

Vitamin C for Colds, More like Vitamin B.S.

The cold has come, snow is falling, and as they say in Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming” (more like it’s already here). With winter comes a whole host of changes: cold weather, hot drinks, and the dreaded common cold. The common cold is the most frequent infectious disease that affects humans. Symptoms like coughing,Continue reading “Vitamin C for Colds, More like Vitamin B.S.”

Improve Your Glute Training for Better Health, Strength, and Sex Appeal

If you spend an hour with me as your trainer, regardless if it’s in a one on one personal training setting or in a large group, there is one word you will hear repeated again and again: glutes. Squeeze your glutes. Engage your glutes. Contract your glutes. Stabilize with your glutes. Glutes, glutes, glutes. TheyContinue reading “Improve Your Glute Training for Better Health, Strength, and Sex Appeal”